Kaizen Institute - Success Story


Project KAIZEN™

Client Profile

A large Canadian mine owner.

Improvement Potential

Our client wanted to implement a new 25 KV underground power system on-time, on-budget and of the highest quality. A Kaizen Institute consultant was brought in to lead the project, with the goal of eliminating legacy waste activities to achieve success.

KAIZEN™ success story mining

Root Causes

Legacy work processes from past projects with inherent waste were commonly used.

KAIZEN™ success story mining

Our Approach

  • Employee engagement used extensively
  • Early involvement of suppliers used to prevent future non-value-add activities and delays and improve quality
  • Risk analysis & mitigation used to save money and time
  • High accuracy scope, budget and schedule achieved using Lean team communication principles
  • Close supervision by embedded Project KAIZEN™ resulted in interception/elimination and prevention of wasteful processes
  • Time sensitive decisions made using Lean war-room principles

Key Results

  • Project completed 25% earlier than initial plan
  • Project completed with a cost savings of 10% over initial plan, $5M savings
  • Zero Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) incidents

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